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Dialogue between a salesman and a customer

A dialogue between a salesman and a customer.

Salesman      :           Good morning, Sir.

Customer     :           Good morning, l likes to buy a shirt and a tie.

Salesman      :           Here are they.

Customer     :           Thanks let me have a sight at them.

Salesman      :           I think they suit you well.

Customer     :           No, the shirt is a bit tight.

Salesman      :           Well, here is another one.

Customer     :            Yes, this suits me well. New show me the tie.

Salesman      :           Here it is

Customer     :           No, the colour it’s not after my mind.

Salesman      :           What colour do you prefer sir?

Customer     :           Navy blue.

Salesman      :           Ok, me have got a nice tie of that colour. Here it is.

Customer     :           That’s fine. What’s the price?

Salesman      :           It is all together Tk =700/-only.

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