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Dialogue between two friends about load-shedding

A dialogue between two friends about load-shedding.

Kamal            :           Hello, Jamal. Why do you look so gloomy?

Jamal             :           Oh, last night I could not read at all. You know tomorrow is our English exam.

Kamal            :           Would you please tell me the reason?

Jamal             :           There was no electricity in our locality last night.

Kamal            :           Same is the case in our area. Everyday load-shedding occurs at least twice or thrice a day.

Jamal             :           Surely, this load-shedding is causing mush harm to the S.S.C. Examinees.

Kamal         :           Everybody knows about the importance of the night before the examination. We have to revise our prepared answers that night. Think about the suffering of the candidates if electricity goes frequently.

Jamal             :           That’s true but there’s none to come forward to solve this problem. So we have to suffer this.

Kamal            :           O. k.  Good –bye

Jamal             :           Bye.

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