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Dialogue between two friends about their feelings

A dialogue between two friends about their feelings.

Abir    :           Hello Amir, how are you? Its long I haven’t seen you. What’s the  matter?

Amir  :           Oh, I was busy watching the world the world Cup Cricket. I didn’t want to miss a single moment Anyhow, what’s you’re feeling about the match between Bangladesh and Pakistan yesterday.

Abir    :           Really it is very difficult to express my feeling in terms of words. I can simply say it is a wonder.

Amir :           In fact, Bangladesh played a balanced game. The fielding, bowling and batting of our players were no doubt praise worthy.

Abir    :           By defeating the hot favourite Pakistan team, Bangladesh has made the whole world surprise.

Amir  :           What is your idea about our players?

Abir    :           In fact, all the players played very well. But the skill of Suzan, Santo, and Apia charmed me much.

Amir  :           For this brilliant performance what kind of benefit may Bangladesh team get?

Abir    :           I believe this performance of Bangladesh team has cleared the way to be a permanent member of test cricket.

Amir  :           Let’s hope for the better future of Bangladesh team.

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