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Dialogue for flood victim

A dialogue between a reporter and a flood victim

Reporter          :           Hello! I am a reporter of the channel I.

Flood victim   :          You are thanked because people hardly come to see our miserable condition.

Reporter          :           How long have you been living in the platform (mancha)?

Flood victim   :          For seven days.

                                            Hundreds of people in our village have been leading a very miserable life. Can you help us in any way?

Reporter          :           Sure. The present condition of the people of this area with is telecast through our media so that government and other concerned organisations can become aware of the real picture of the flood victims anyhow, are you getting any aid from any corner?

Flood victim   :          Some NGO’s have given us some relief goods. But the quantity is scanty. It is very sad that we did not get any help from the government until now.

Reporter          :         Really it is very sad. Government should have taken prompt measures to reduce the suffering of the flood victims. Anyhow, what sort of help do you need?

Flood victim   :         We need both food and medical treatment. Medical treatment is essential because by this time different diseases have already started spreading.

Reporter             :           Thank you for giving us the exact picture of the flood victims.

Flood victim      :           You’re welcome.

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