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Dialogue for road accidents in our country

A dialogue between two friends on frequent road accidents in our country. B.D. 2013

Jamal            :           Hello, Kamal! Why do you look so sad?

Kamal            :           The news of the death of all the members of a family in a rosd accident has made me sad.

Jamal             :           Really it’s very sad that there’s not a single day you’ll find without news of road accident.

Kamal            :           Can you tell me the reasons of so many road accidents?

Jamal             :           Reckless driving, lack of raffic police, violation of traffic rules and signals and overloaded  vehicles are the main cause of road accidents.

Kamal            :           The conditions of roads are not also good at many points. There are narrow, broken and unmetalled roads. These also cause many road   accidents.

Jamla             :           What can be done to reduce road accident?

Kamla            :           Drivers should be given training. Unfit and unlicensed vehicles should be removed from the roads, people should be made aware of traffic rules and signals.

Jamal             :           Thank you for your discussion.

Kamal            :           You’re welcome.

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