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Gluconolactone is consisting of several water-attracting hydroxyl categories, which hydrate the epidermis, resulting in enhanced degrees of moisturization. According to a analysis featured in Dermatologic Surgery treatment publication, Gluconolactone is a polyhydroxy level of acidity (PHA) that is able of chelating materials and may also operate by scavenging toxins, thereby protecting epidermis from some of the damaging results of UV rays. Gluconolactone provided up to % protection against UV rays and UV radiation-induced elastin promotor activation. Contrary to some medical fears, it does not considerably improve sunburn cells in epidermis.

Although more analysis is being done on Gluconolactone’s results on photoaging, in one analysis, signs of photoaging were considerably decreased after six and  several weeks of twice daily use, such as firmness, sallowness, wrinkles, wrinkles, roughness, hyperpigmentation and pore size (Source). According to the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology, it may also show improvements in patients with rosacea, and is gentle on delicate epidermis.

There are no warnings regarding the use of Gluconolactone, and because of its PHA structure, it may be safer than items containing AHA or BHA. Expectant mothers should still consult a doctor before using items with Gluconolactone.

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