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A Kalimavkion (Greek: καλυμμαύχιον), or kalymmavchi (καλυμαύχι), or kamilavka (Russian: камилавка), is products of office outfits used byOrthodox Religious and Southern Catholic clergymen (in which situation it is black) or granted to local clergy (in which situation it may be red or purple).

Kamilavkion Dress

Kamilavkion Dress

The kalimavkion is a firm round go defending, just like a stovepipe hat but without a top. The kalimavkion is used during services; at other times, the smoother skufia is used in its position. In the Ancient custom, clergymen use a simple dark kalimavkion, protected by a dark veil (epanokalimavkion), but ordained local clergy (both wedded and monastic) use a kalimavkion with a compressed conical top at the top. Hierodeacons (monastic deacons) eliminate the veil when they coat for solutions, but hieromonks (monastic priests) do not. In the Ancient custom, nuns do not normally use a kalimavkion, but rather just the veil. In the European custom, clergymen and deacons, if granted it, use a kamilavka that is normally higher than the Ancient design, broadens as it increases, and is smooth at the top. Monks use a dark kamilavka with dark veil. European nuns also use the kamilavka with veil. Hieromonks and hierodeacons use the same dark kamilavka and veil as non-ordained monastics. Again, hierodeacons eliminate the veil when they are providing, but hieromonks do not.Protodeacons (honorary position for wedded deacons) are granted a purple or red kamilavka, but Archdeacons (a similar position for monastic deacons) continue to put on the dark kamilavka. Archpriests (honorary position for wedded priests) are also granted a purple or red kamilavka. Bishops, who are always clergymen, use a dark kamilavka with a dark veil. Archbishops are recognized by a jewelled combination on the top part of their veil. Metropolitanswear a white-colored veil over their kamilavka, with the same combination as an archbishop. The Patriarch of Moscow instead of the kamilavka would wear a whitekoUKoulion, a conical go defending with a monastic veil. In the Serbian Traditional Cathedral local clergy of all rankings use a dark kalimavkion which is smooth at the top. Monastics use a dark veil over the kalimavkion during solutions. Bishops use a dark kalimavkion with a extensive purple group at the end, and eliminate the veil when they are outside the church.

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